In our advanced classes we practice levitation. lol
The boxercise program at Project Future of WNY has been part of their format since day one. It has a mix of cardio, strength training, as well as practical technique instructed by numerous black belt instructors of Bushido Kai. It has been generally required that applicants for the Bushido Kai martial arts program start with the boxercise program first. There are 4 classes per week. Each class generally last for about 60 minutes. Along with general fitness, students learn proper technique in punching, kicking, centering, stances, and breath control. Classes will include demonstration, application and practice of basic practical self defense techniques. Most importantly for a successful class, we have fun!


  1. Last nights boxercise class was great! Everyone was full of enthusiasm which is quite addictive. I will confess that my wife, Lisa, inspired some of my routines in last night's class. You see she is redoing the side entrance way to our home. Plastering, sanding, priming, and painting. Up and down the ladder over and over again. Now due to this work in the house and the "laddercise" routine she has been perfecting, she has been walking a little funny the last few days with aching legs. She says to me "who needs kickboxercise"? Well I guess those of us not climbing ladders. So with some walking lunges, squat and jumps, and a couple of horse stances, we can hopefully all walk a little funny too. Thanks Lisa!!

  2. Sunday's class went well. about 10 people in the Dojo exercising despite winter's evil return to WNY. A little cardio, kata, one steps, and self defense practice. We all had plenty of fun, which makes everyone want to come back.