Sunday, February 6, 2011

Others Like Me?

Well I've never blogged before and I am quite inexperienced at public sharing of my trials and successes.  My name is Sean and I want to discuss my personal goals as well as listen to yours. You see, I believe there are many others out there like me. The desire to better yourself and the constant obstacles preventing you from accomplishing these goals. The constant struggles with weight loss, too much red wine, high blood pressure, parenting, career, are a just a few areas I want to discuss and to share. I want to share with you a personal journey with these topics and invite your feedback from others like me. Please visit back for future posts. I will share more personal information about me and my family, my hobbies and desires as well as ask for your input. So here we go! It is Superbowl Sunday and tomorrow will start the "The first day of the rest of my life". How many of you have made that statement? Let's do this together!!


  1. Hi Sean, Like you I have struggled for many years attempting with little or no success to lose weight. The major issue that I have had is putting off weight loss until after the upcoming celebration or holiday. What has taken me years to figure out is there's always something happening and therefore weight loss is never accomplished or maintained. So I would like to try something new. Be responsible and incorporate my weight loss plan in future events. I will keep you posted!

  2. Thank you for posting! I am sure you will be super successful in your journey if you take one day at a time and do incorporate your plan into your every day way of life. I know holidays, parties, and events create a special challenge for all of us. Please keep up the positive attitude you show here and we can reach our goals together. Please keep me posted