Monday, February 7, 2011

Here We Go!

So far so good. I ate well today, drank lots of water, and took my vitamins. I am tracking calories on both weight and body media (bodybugg). Both of these sites give different stats that are interesting and helpful to me. Went to the gym today. Jog/walk on the treadmill. Went 2.08 miles in 32 minutes. I am not going to push too hard my first week on the treadmill as I am prone to shin splints. Those are no fun. Lifted free weights for 30 minutes. I did all shoulder exercises. I hurt my right shoulder a few days ago in karate. I am going to work on strengthening the shoulders.

The difficult part that I always have is I start thinking about the evening ahead. I am used to enjoying wine every night with my wife. But once the first glass is consumed, all my judgement changes. Then it turns into 2,3, and even 4 glasses. Then judgement is really off so now it is time to eat some snacks. The calories are packing on now. After all that wine at night, too tired to get up early the next morning and exercise. That scenario is what has turned everything into a vicious cycle I am trying to break.

Still got kickboxercise and karate class ahead of me tonight. It is shaping up to be a healthy day for me. How is your day going?


  1. Hi Sean!!!
    Glad to see you are taking the first steps to a healthier life style. I too have battled eating healthy for years, Fighting it every step of the way. I wonder why we have a need to fight such a thing!! When we know it is the best thing for our body and mind, there is nothing better than looking in the mirror and seeing the results of a successful weight loss plan! The hardest obstacle of course is keeping the weight off. It is truly a life changing experience. A new way of life! Making the right choices every day and believing in your choices,that is the only way to achieve your goals. Good luck with your weight loss journey, please keep me up to date with your success, You will give many others the will power to succeed also!! Thank you

  2. Thank you very much for your post! Yes I believe looking in the mirror and seeing a healthier person is a huge motivator, however I think many of us live for the moment and have a difficult time getting beyond that. Boy that pizza is awesome, I'm gonna have just one more slice. There is more ice cream in the freezer; I will make up for it tomorrow, etc. etc. For my family, we are all extremely busy people. Most of us working 6 days a week all with different schedules. The thought of coming home after work, making dinner, and cleaning up the mess isn't something you always want to do, especially at 7 or 8 O'clock at night. So that is where ordering the pizza comes from. How about the feeling that you "deserve it". I work hard and if I want to have a few beers, I'm going to have a few beers. I believe that these are very realistic scenarios that many need to address in their lives to make a real change. I know I do! Thank you for the encouragement, and I wish you the very best!