Monday, February 7, 2011


Last night while watching the super bowl and enjoying my "last hurrah" with my family, I decided to promote this blog on some of the weight watchers forums. I have been a long time member of weight watchers and have had tremendous success with their program in past years. I felt very comfortable going to a few different message boards on their site and saying "Hey, I am trying something different, come check out my new blog". The feedback was surprisingly harsh at first. I was being called "weird" and "creepy". Some thought I was spamming. Well none of that is true. I am looking to promote this blog to help myself and others like me.

With all that being said I did my weigh in this morning on my "weight watchers scale" and weighing in at a whopping 253.2 pounds. Time to put my money where my mouth is and start on track with a better lifestyle.
My plan is to:

  • Improve quality of diet
  • Portion controls
  • Increased cardio
  • Weight training
  • No alcoholic beverages for 2 weeks (and very limited after that)
Tell me, what is your plan? Do you want to share your habits with us (good or bad)? Will you tell us what motivates you?

I have a full day ahead of me. Monday is my only day off and usually the busiest. Need to plow snow from driveway, go to the gym, make a healthy dinner, and go to martial arts class tonight. I will let you know how I make out.


  1. Hi Sean,
    I'm sorry to hear about the experience you had on weight watchers. You felt you were amongst friends in going to the website to promote your blog. I'm really disappointed, isn't the purpose for the message boards to offer support?

  2. Hi Sean,

    Just remember life gets crazy and there's so much to do but don't get frustrated. Remember you are worth the time you set aside to improve your life and in doing so the members of your family and friends reap benefits as well. It seems you are on the right track good luck!!
    Also, love the pictures!!